Will VA Pay For A Power Wheelchair?

You may wonder if you can get a power wheelchair through the VA if you’re a veteran with a disability. The answer is yes! The VA provides benefits to veterans with disabilities that can help cover the cost of an electric wheelchair. 


If you need help paying for your motorized wheelchair, be sure to check out the VA’s benefits program. You may be able to get the help you need!


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a variety of benefits and services to help veterans with disabilities live as independently as possible. One of the benefits that may be available is coverage for a power wheelchair.


Coverage for a Power Wheelchair

The VA’s benefits program for power wheelchairs helps veterans with disabilities pay for the cost of a wheelchair that is powered by electricity or batteries. This benefit is available to veterans who meet specific eligibility requirements.



Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for coverage of a power wheelchair through the VA, you must have a service-connected disability rating of 50% or more. In addition, your disability must meet specific functional criteria. This means that your disability must limit your ability to walk or cause you to experience extreme fatigue when walking. If you qualify for this benefit, the VA will help pay for the cost of your power wheelchair.



Cost of Your Power Wheelchair

The cost of a power wheelchair can vary depending on the type of wheelchair you choose. The VA will help pay for the cost of a basic power wheelchair, but if you want a more expensive model, you may need to pay for the difference yourself.



How to Apply for VA to Cover a Power Wheelchair?

Suppose you are interested in applying for coverage of a power wheelchair through the VA. In that case, you can do so by filling out and submitting an application form. You can obtain an application form from your local VA office or download it from the VA’s website.



VA Qualification for Power Wheelchair

To qualify for an electric wheelchair through the VA, you must have a disability that significantly impairs your mobility. In addition, you must need a wheelchair to perform activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, or cooking.


The VA will work with you to determine if a motorized wheelchair is the best option for your needs. If it is determined that a power wheelchair is appropriate, the VA will cover the cost of the chair.



Support Groups and Resources for People Using Power Wheelchairs?

If you are a veteran who uses a power wheelchair, you can find support groups and other resources through the VA. The VA offers many benefits and services to aid veterans with disabilities in living independently.




VA benefits may help you pay for an electric wheelchair if you are a veteran with a disability. For more information on the benefits available and determining if you qualify, contact your local VA office. 

VA’s website also offers downloadable application forms. The VA’s mission is to help disabled veterans live independently and provides various services and benefits to assist with this.



Will VA Pay For A Power Wheelchair?

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