How To Start a Mobility Scooter Without A Key? (Explained)

We all know the panic that can occur when we realize we don’t have our house keys while we’re out and about. You know you don’t have the key for your mobility scooter while out and about. What then?


Don’t worry; I got you covered. This post will show you how to start a mobility scooter without a key. So read on for all the details!



How Does Mobility Scooter Key Work?

Mobility scooter keys work by connecting to your device’s main circuit board. It automatically detects if the key is nearby. 

If you’re trying to start up your scooter and it’s not working, ensure there isn’t a kill switch on (usually labeled ‘Engine Stop’ or something similar). Once the key is detected, you can press the big red button, which will power up your whole ride!



Where Can I Buy Mobility Scooter Key?

Mobility scooter keys are pretty much universal. You can buy them in your local shops or even at Amazon. Some newer models might require you to go through the manufacturer’s website.



What are the steps to start a mobility scooter without the key?

 If you’re wondering how to start a mobility scooter without a key, we can help! You can easily set up your scooter with our simple guide.

  • First off, make sure there isn’t a ‘kill’ switch on. To turn it off, usually, you’ll find the engine stop button on the handlebars near your hand that you use to maneuver. Once this is turned off, it shouldn’t turn back on without the key being detected.
  • If your scooter has a kill switch, then press the start button, which should automatically detect if you have a key or not. However, if you have a scooter without an engine stop switch, you’ll need to press the engine start button and then toggle it with your foot to get it running. Remember that the scooter will automatically run for 20 seconds before shutting off when using this method. So make sure that when doing this, you’re stationary or plan on being stationary.
  • If you don’t want to do this, you can also try scooter jiggling by shaking the whole thing to get the battery loose (which is where your main circuit board is). It will always be enough to turn on and detect a key nearby. You’ll need to press the start button to turn it on.



What If Your Scooter Still Not Start?

Sometimes, even with all of these steps taken, you might encounter a scooter that still won’t startup. If this occurs, you should contact customer service for assistance or a replacement part if it’s covered by warranty.


It’s important to know what you need to do to start your mobility scooter without a key: Your scooter will not activate without the flat key. The round knob on the mobility device is just there for decoration, in case you thought that was what it was meant for.


Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s go ahead and move on to starting your scooter without a key.


This can be accomplished in two ways. The first one involves disabling the safety switch, which will make it possible for anyone to start the electronic power chair with just a push of a button. And the second one requires you to access the chair’s circuit board.


Disabling the Safety Switch

If you can’t get access to your mobility scooter’s circuit but think it should be possible, check out the second method listed below.


Find a small metal box with a red light under the seat of your scooter. It is your scooter’s electronic board, also known as the e-board, ECU (electronic control unit), or just plain bored.


Next, you need to locate the safety switch, which should be somewhere near this box and look like a small metal button. By activating this switch, you will be able to prevent your scooter from tipping over while you are moving. If this happens, the power chair will immediately shut down and put up a warning screen to prevent it from restarting until the issue is resolved. 


Now that we’ve got that covered let’s go ahead and disable the safety switch. First, you need to take out the key, which should be housed in a small compartment inside the electronic board box.


Next, using a screwdriver or any other thin instrument that can fit into the slot on the side of your scooter’s safety switch, push it up until it clicks. Once this is done, your mobility scooter should now be able to start without a key.


Accessing Your Scooter’s Circuit Board

It is the most complicated of the two methods requiring you to have access to your scooter’s circuit board and corresponding software to disable the safety switch manually.




The mobility scooter key is a small but essential accessory that allows you to start and stop your electric or gas-powered scooter. The scooter could not be moved from one place to another without it.

Ensure you have a Mobility Scooter Key before taking your scooter out for a ride!


How to start a mobility scooter without a key?


How To Start a Mobility Scooter Without A Key? (Explained)
How To Start a Mobility Scooter Without A Key? (Explained With Tips)

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