Yaniv here!

Before I suffered from Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), a disorder that paralyzed my entire body, going out with my family and traveling was a piece of cake. 😉 

I’ve always been an active and hopeful person until my condition reduced almost every aspect of my motor functions. 

My supportive wife and family had to push my wheelchair or assist me wherever we went. This cycle made me want to break out of my dependency resulting in my drive to solve this problem no matter what.

I was unstoppable, so I tried almost every mobility aid that I could get my hands on. Some were disappointing, some were not, but I sure learned A LOT. 

After my tireless trial and error from various products, one of the most important lessons I picked up was adjusting my attitude, especially when a particular mobility aid doesn’t work. And whenever a product in that line doesn’t work, it frustrates and bothers me to the point that I would blame myself.

I went from canes to walkers, wheelchairs, to mobility scooters. Every discovery lifted my self-esteem higher and higher until I victoriously felt that I regained control of my life. 

These tools revived my life aspirations, taking the kids out to see animals in the zoo and even traveling to different countries like Thailand, Amsterdam, Philippines, Thailand, Rome, and Greece. 

My life has been full of twists and turns, but from each twist and turn, a lesson comes right after. The challenges that come along with my condition can’t stop me from living a fulfilling life!

Whether I’m rockin’ my 🔥 scooters or learning new ways to improve my quality of life, the little things add up that eventually form a picture of a healthier and fuller life.

Your questions and concerns are valuable to me, and responding to your feedback inspires me to keep this blog going.

If you’re on the same boat as I am or know someone with limited mobility, let’s keep pushing through!

Feel free to share your story with me so I can feature your journey to spread awareness for everyone else in the same situation to keep moving forward— or have virtual coffee with me?

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