Can You Rent A Power Wheelchair? (Answered)

Renting a power wheelchair can be a great option if you need one for a short period. There are plenty of places to rent an electric wheelchair from, and they usually come at an affordable price. Keep reading for a few tips when renting a motorized wheelchair!


Have you ever wondered if you can rent a power wheelchair? Well, the answer is yes! Electric wheelchairs are available for rent at many medical supply stores. So, if you or a loved one need a motorized wheelchair, don’t hesitate to ask about renting one.


Rental power wheelchairs have several benefits, as listed below: 

  • It’s possible to test an electric wheelchair before you buy it. This way, you can make sure that the motorized wheelchair is the right fit for your needs before you commit to purchasing it. 
  • It’s a cost-effective solution if you only need a power wheelchair for a short time. 
  • Renting also allows you to try out different models to find the one that suits you best. 



How to Rent a Power Wheelchair?

If you’re interested in renting a power wheelchair, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Contact your local medical supply store and ask if they rent power wheelchairs.
  • Verify that you meet the eligibility requirements. Most stores will require that you have a doctor’s note or prescription before they rent you an electric wheelchair.
  • Estimate the cost of the rental. The rental fee will vary depending on the store, but you can expect to pay around $50-$100 per week for a motorized wheelchair rental.
  • Ensure you have enough space to store the power wheelchair when it’s not in use. Most electric wheelchairs are pretty large, so be sure to check the dimensions before renting one.
  • Read the store’s policy on damage and loss. Most stores will require you to pay for any damage to the motorized wheelchair during the rental period.
  • Late fees may apply when a return is late.
  • Ask about the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, such as how long you can rent the power wheelchair and what happens if you damage it.
  • Get a copy of the store’s policy on refunds in case you decide you don’t want to rent the electric wheelchair after all.
  • Since motorize wheelchairs can be quite heavy and difficult to move, you should ensure you have a way to transport them.
  • If possible, try out the power wheelchair before you rent it to ensure it’s the right fit for you.
  • When you rent an electric wheelchair, you should understand how to use it well.
  • Be prepared to provide proof of ID and insurance.
  • Ask any questions you may have before renting the motorized wheelchair.
  • Read the fine print!



Cost of Renting a Power Wheelchair

The cost of renting a power wheelchair will vary depending on the store and the model of electric wheelchair you choose. It’s usually an affordable option, especially if you temporarily need it.




If you’re interested in renting a motorized wheelchair, be sure to ask your local medical supply store about their policies and procedures. You may also want to read the store’s policy on refunds just in case you decide you don’t want to rent the power wheelchair after all.


Generally speaking, you should rent an electric wheelchair if you aren’t sure whether you want to buy one or if you only need it for a short time. Just be sure to read the store’s policies on damage, loss, and refunds before you rent, and ask any questions you may have.

Can You Rent A Power Wheelchair? (Answered)
Can You Rent A Power Wheelchair (Answered)

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