Can Power Wheelchairs Go On Grass?

We’ve all seen those big, bulky power wheelchairs and thought to ourselves – there’s no way that thing could ever go on grass! Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that power wheelchairs are actually quite capable of navigating through soft terrain.


Here’s a look at how these marvels of engineering can tackle the great outdoors. So, next time you see an electric wheelchair user out on a nature trail, don’t be so quick to judge – they just might be enjoying the scenery in a whole new way!


If you’re considering purchasing a motorized wheelchair, you may be wondering if they can go on grass. The answer is yes! Power wheelchairs are specially designed to navigate various types of terrain, including grass.


In fact, many people use their electric wheelchairs to get around on nature trails and other outdoor areas.


If you’re curious about how a motorized wheelchair can handle grass, here’s a quick overview:


Although the grass is relatively soft, you should keep a few things in mind as you traverse it with a power wheelchair.

  • First, if the grass is tall or wet, it may slow the electric wheelchair down.
  • Second, motorized wheelchairs can get stuck in mud or puddles, so try to avoid these areas if possible.



How to Safely Drive a Power Wheelchair on Grass?

When driving an electric wheelchair on grass, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • First, make sure you slow down when going over bumps or hills. Grass can be uneven, so steering too quickly could cause the motorized wheelchair to tip over.
  • Second, avoid driving through wet or tall grass. The wheels may get stuck, and you could end up flipping the power wheelchair.
  • Third, be careful when turning – the chair may spin faster than you expect on grass.
  • Fourth, always be cautious when going over slick surfaces, like cobblestones or asphalt.



Types of Terrain that Power Wheelchairs can Travel on

Power Wheelchairs Travel on…

Dirt Electric wheelchairs can also travel on dirt, although it may be more difficult than grass.
Concrete Concrete is a hard surface, and as such, motorized wheelchairs can travel on it with ease. 
Asphalt Asphalt is a hard surface that power wheelchairs can also easily travel on.
Sand Sand can be a tricky surface for electric wheelchairs, as it’s easy to get stuck in.
Snow and Ice
Snow and ice can be dangerous surfaces for motorized wheelchairs, as they can cause the power wheelchair to slip and slide.
Mud Mud can be a difficult surface for electric wheelchairs, as it’s easy to get stuck in.
Puddles Puddles can be an unstable surface for motorized wheelchairs, as they can cause the power wheelchair to slip and slide.
Cobblestones Cobblestones can be a slippery surface for electric wheelchairs, as they can cause the wheelchair to tip over.
Grass The grass is soft, so motorized wheelchairs can easily travel on it.



Best All-Terrain Power Wheelchair

Sentire Med Deluxe


Porto Mobility 2022 Ranger D09S




Intelligent Folding


Forcemech Navigator / Navigator XL





Power wheelchairs can travel on various surfaces, including grass, dirt, concrete, asphalt, and sand. However, some surfaces are more challenging to traverse than others. Always use caution when traveling on a new surface, and be sure to slow down when going over bumps or hills.

Can Power Wheelchairs Go On Grass?

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