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Two ways to get a free mobile scooter are to have it through Medicare and your insurance company. As long as you have enough proof that you need it medically and not for your convenience, they can help you get one for free in some situations, or they will cover most of the cost.

Mobility scooters are made ‘splashproof’ and can be used in all weather conditions. However, it depends on how bad the weather is.

To start your scooter without a key, you can perform a procedure called hotwiring. To hotwire your scooter, follow the following carefully: first, find the wiring system.

Sometimes to alleviate our desire to overcome mobility issues through mobility aids such as mobility scooters, we often look for the heavier-duty and very high-quality ones as possible since it’s not about luxury but about being safe. 

When it comes to mobility scooters, are you looking for foldable and easy to transport? Or maybe what you’re looking for is light and can be taken on the airline? With folding mobility scooters, there are now models that are airline-friendly…

Many use their mobility scooters for travel, shopping, and even to attend important events. But there are times or sometimes we use our scooters inside our house.

Like me, I know almost all of my readers, and most people love to travel. Who doesn’t want to, right? We will never lose the desire to travel despite our condition. Well, for people struggling with their mobility like me. Of course, we will not let our lack of mobility hinder us from traveling…

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A decade ago, I suffered from (GBS), a rare condition that paralyzed my mind and body. During this period, I’ve acquired extensive knowledge regarding limited mobility from my experiences while traveling the world alongside mobility aids. My goal is to inspire people in the same shoes, promoting our stories and giving the best tips and guides…